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Path of Excellence: The Power of Always Improving

Look at any successful business, in any sector, and you’ll find that continual improvement is at the heart of what they do. Whether it’s a global or local operation, a focus on progress and a commitment to always improve, reaps untold benefits.

There’s no secret that improvements are made through being aware of your customer’s wants and needs and flexing your services to meet them. Consider global leaders such as Apple, Google and Amazon, which, followed by brands like Toyota, have created a template which has helped them carve a path to success. And what these organisations teach us is that combining customer insight with the right processes and never standing still, is the key to business growth and adaptation.

Dental practices can learn a lot from these businesses, particularly at a time when the future is more open to opportunity than ever. Here, we explore the most influential factors affecting your practice and reveal how you can get the support you need to realise your full potential.

Why change is unavoidable

Currently, practices are fraught with staff absences and FTAs due to COVID isolation rules, bringing appointment books and service delivery into disarray.

Many people, including clinicians and staff are resistant to the idea of change, considering it to be ‘hard work’. But change is coming, like it or not, and cresting this wave is the key to not just surviving but thriving.

The effect of such change can also have a considerable impact on patients, who have themselves endured an unsettling period. By communicating consistently and effectively, practices can turn their desire to change into a positive picture for patients.

Practical steps to reach new heights

At the core of today’s shifting sands, is the way in which you choose to exploit the data within your dental software. Practice management tools are at your fingertips, helping unlock the true potential of your practice, by providing insight and knowledge about your current position. Understanding where you are enables practice owners to plot a path to where they want to be, both personally and from a business standpoint.

3-4Here are just a few ways to elevate your business with our help:
  • Getting a clearer view: we offer expert advice and support at every stage of your journey, starting with a free business health check, which sets out a tailored support plan.
  • Unlocking potential: your Path of Excellence has to be data-driven. Every business relies on its customers to grow and thrive, and by delving deep into the information within, we can help you navigate challenges and focus on the core areas for growth, using one-to-one support through our Customer Success Program.
  • Data-driven patient insight: our expertise in deciphering data allows us to develop a roadmap to success, helping you to work smarter and aim big. From harnessing the power of online reviews, we can explore what your customers want and need. 

Next steps

Uncertain times don’t have to mean disruption and dwindling revenues. Positive steps enabled by technological advancements and delivered through a honed focus on patient experience can deliver greater success and open the door to opportunity.

Getting the right support and advice at this pivotal point is the key to unlocking success. To find out more about how EXACT can help you, contact us now.