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Fill your chairs

With demand for dentistry still at an all-time high and the continuous rise in the cost of living, short-notice cancellations  could become an even bigger pain point for practices. Communicating these gaps to patients quickly and efficiently is absolutely crucial to ensuring those last-minute slots get filled by those in need – not to mention to protect lost chair time and revenue. 

By utilising Short Notice Lists, a core feature within EXACT, you can fill gaps within just a few clicks (or none if you choose to automate it!). 

So how exactly do they work? 

  1. If a patient cancels, fails to attend or simply wants to be contacted if an appointment arises sooner than the one they have booked, you have the option within EXACT to add them to the Short Notice List. 
  2. When you add the patient to the Short Notice List, you will specify their availability and the type of appointment they need (ie. Which clinician, length of appointment etc) 
  3. When an opening arises, an SMS will be sent to patients whose requirements match that of the appointment opening. 
  4. If the patient would like the appointment, they can send a reply which will automatically book them in for that appointment (or move their existing appointment if they have one). If they don’t reply in the time you have set or they choose to not accept the appointment, the slot will be sent to more patients on the list until the gap is successfully filled. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Valuable slots are no longer wasted – maintaining a steady flow of patients and revenue 
  • Patients feel like their healthcare is being prioritised – if they need to see you for urgent care, they can be contacted to come in sooner, protecting their oral health and increasing satisfaction rates 
  • Streamline admin tasks – Patients in need of these slots can be contacted in the background. If they choose to take up an open slot, their appointment will automatically be added to the appointment book. No ringing the patient or manual data entry needed. 

Great! How can I switch them on and get started? 

We have created several articles within our Help Centre that walk you through how to do this. You can find them here:  

Setting up the Short Notice List 

Using the Short Notice List 

Adding Appointments to the Short Notice List 

If you have any further queries on how to start using Short Notice Lists in your practice or are thinking of transitioning to EXACT to take advantage of the innovative tools and support we have available, our team would love you to get in touch – contact us today.